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TM “NegabaritTransService”

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Oversized transportations

Company NegabaritTransService specializes in transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes in Ukraine and abroad (to CIS countries, Europe and Asia). Has representative offices in Italy, Germany and Russia.
The company has its own fleet, consisting of 12 units of specialized trailers with a maximum capacity of up to 200 tons. The maximum length of extendable trailers is 45 meters. The minimum height of trailers from the ground is 0.5 meters. Specialists of our company, when receiving a request from the customer, carefully work out the request calculating the route, taking into account the specifics of the cargo and the peculiarities of its route. This allows you to accurately determine the cost of the services provided and the optimal terms of possible order fulfillment.
We professionally approach the issue of fulfillment of orders, because we know the degree of complexity of the services and the importance of what is happening for the customer.

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