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TM “NegabaritTransService”

Oversized tanks and reservoirs

Oversized tanks and reservoirs

Company ТМ “NegabaritTransService” offers its services in the transportation of large and heavy tanks and reservoirs. In our work we use specialized low-bed vehicles, which allows transporting:
• oversized tanks;
• steam boilers;
• silos;
• elevators.

In the issue of oversized transportation, experience and knowledge of the case are two key factors that will ensure the safety of cargo delivery. We also use special equipment that guarantees cargo protection during loading. After installing the tank on the platform begins the process of its docking, it requires special stops, stiffening ribs, etc. Thus, the reservoir will not deform during transportation and retain its original qualities upon arrival at the end Point.

ТМ “NegabaritTransService” offers its services in transportation of large-sized tanks and reservoirs not only in Ukraine, but also in the neighboring countries, Europe and Asia.

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