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Oversized and heavy industrial equipment

Oversized and heavy industrial equipment

Oversized and heavy industrial equipment is cargoes weighing more than 25 tons or having overall dimensions (width is more than 2.5 m, length is more than 13.6 m and a height is more than 3m). I.e. if one of the above parameters is exceeded, such cargo will not be loaded into a standard tautliner, accordingly it is necessary to use special trailers for its transportation.

Such cargoes include: heavy machines, large shells, rotors, farms and other industrial equipment.

Many factors are taken into account for reliability of transportations and guarantee of fulfillment of the order on time. The main ones are:

  • cargo specificity;
  • distance of transportation;
  • features of the route;
  • urgency.

Each of these items is important in this matter. However, such a non-obvious moment, as a feature of the route, often raises questions. Taking into account specificity of transportations, our experts take into account not only the initial and final point, but also features of roads, presence of auto crossings with necessary sizes of platform and other details.

Also important is the legislative base of the country through which the goods will be transported. For example, in most countries additional survey of the route is necessary, if the total weight of road-train with cargo exceeds 60t or width exceeds 4 meters or the total height of the platform with cargo more than 4.5 meters.

Specialists ТМ “NegabaritTransService” take into account the above specifics of oversized cargo transportation.