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Mining vehicles

Mining vehicles

Mining industry is one of the most important directions of economic development. All the equipment used in this industry is notable for its significant size and weight. Therefore, when it is necessary to transport mining equipment, special low-frame platforms are often used, on which the cargo placed on them is evenly distributed, in order to ensure fast and safe delivery of any equipment.

We carry out transportation:
• drilling rigs;
• crushing plants;
• walking excavators;
• dump trucks.

The special transport used for ground transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes allows to carry equipment weighing up to 200 tons.

The transportation process includes:
• development of the route, in accordance with the dimensions of the cargo, the quality of roads and the presence of obstacles on the way
• calculation of the cost of services offered
• coordination of deadlines, taking into account all objective factors
• attracting (if necessary) convoy and escort car
• additional cargo insurance

Transportation of mining machines

Contacting the company ТМ “NegabaritTransService” you can be sure that delivery of any cargo will be made in accordance with the predetermined deadlines. Our experience allows to guarantee safety of cargo and its reliable transportation.

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