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TM “NegabaritTransService”

Yachts and boats

Yachts and boats

ТМ “NegabaritTransService” offers transportation of yachts and boats using specialized low-bed trailers, which provide safe and reliable transportation of vessels of various sizes and dimensions.

Boats and yachts are not only expensive cargo, but also very fragile. In this regard, calculating the cost of transportation, our logistics take into account the many features of the route and the specifics of the vessel to ensure maximum safety of the cargo.

An important feature of this type of transportation is also the direct structure of a boat or yacht. Their design, which involves movement on the water, is able to withstand uniform pressure on the body. If you do not comply with this condition, you can harm the integrity of the vessel, which will lead to irreparable consequences. To prevent this problem, a special mount is used to protect the surfaces of the vessel.

Transportation of yachts and boats

In the company ТМ “NegabaritTransService” there are specialists who have experience of overland transportation of yachts and boats on different distances-in domestic and international traffic. Call the phone numbers listed on the site to get detailed information about the service, shipping costs and possible terms of order fulfillment.

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