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TM “NegabaritTransService”

Construction machines

Construction machines

Modern construction works involve the use of heavy vehicles with a unique specificity. Regardless of the construction object in question-whether it is a dwelling house or a road laying, using such equipment, you can significantly speed up the process, increase the level of quality of work and facilitate work.

Each unit of construction machines (bulldozers, cranes, excavators, etc.) often requires transportation between different objects. When it comes to significant distances, it is necessary to use specialized transport.

The company TM “NegabaritTransServis” uses special low-bed trailers with a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons, which allow transporting oversized and heavy construction machines for various purposes.

We carry out transportation:

  • excavators;
  • loaders;
  • lifting cranes;
  • tracked and wheeled cranes;
  • pipe stackers and bulldozers.

Services are provided on the territory of Ukraine, as well as in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

Сall the numbers listed on the site to get detailed information about the service, find out the cost and possible delivery time-we are happy to answer any questions.

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