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TM “NegabaritTransService”

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

Wind power is one of the most promising areas of development in the modern energy industry. It is actively developing in our country and in the near future, according to research, will be able to cover more than a quarter of the needs of the population in electricity.

In this regard, the relevance of wind power plants is increasing significantly, and consequently the demand for the service of wind generators is increasing. Oversized and heavy elements of these devices are transported using special low-bed vehicles.

Company ТМ “NegabaritTransService” carries out transportation:
• wind turbine blades;
• towers;
• gondol.

Transportation technical engineering involves solving a number of issues to plan a route that will be as safe as possible for the cargo. Also, to reduce the cost of transportation, the timing and direct financial costs are taken into account.

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